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If you have received a file with any popular file extension and need to open or view the file, Free File Opener can help. With Free File Opener, you have a free file viewer that allows you to open all image files quickly and easily. You can also open and view over 200 other types of files including spreadsheets, movies, music and document files. The best part about Free File Opener is that it is a free download.


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Compatible with
XP, Vista and 7

Bitmap Image File
SGI Graphics File
AutoDesk Image File
Capture Shop Raw Image File
Microsoft Windows Cursor
Dr. Halo / Dr.Genius Clipboard Format
Microsoft DirectDraw Surface Format
Device-Independent Bitmap Graphic File
Adobe Digital Negative
Windows Enhanced Metafile
EPS Graphics File
Exchangeable Image
OpenEXR Format
FAX Image File
Group 3 Fax Format
Animated Graphics Interchange Format
High Dynamic Range Format
Targa Graphics Image
Icon Format Image
Interchange Format Image
JPEG-2000 Codestream
JPEG-2000 Codestream
Joint Bi-level Image Experts Group
Joint Bi-level Image Experts Group
JPEG File Interchange Format
JPEG File Interchange Format
JPEG Network Graphics
JPEG-2000 Format
Joint Photographic Expert Group
Joint Photographic Expert Group
Joint Photographic Expert Group
KOALA Format
Interchange File Format-Interleaved Bitmap
Multiple-image Network Graphics
CUT Graphics
Portable Bitmap File
PCX Graphics
Kodak Photo-CD File
Macintosh PICT Format
PC Paintbrush Format
PhotoShop Graphics
Portable Float Map
Portable Graymap File
Image Format
Macintosh PICT Format
Portable Network Graphics Format
Portable Any Map
Portable Pixmap File
Adobe Photoshop File
PaintShop Pro
Sun Raster Format
RGB Bitmap Image File
SGI RGBA Image File
SGI Alias/Wavefront RLA image
Run Length Encoded Bitmap
Portable Bitmap BINARY
SGI Alias/Wavefront RPF Image File
Portable Graymap BINARY
Portable Pixmap BINARY
Screen Saver File
Silicon Graphics Image
Sinar Capture Shop Raw Image
Tagged Image File
Tagged Image File
Targa Graphics
Targa Graphics
Wireless Bitmap
Windows Bitmap
Windows Bitmap
Targa Graphics
Standard Windows Metaformat
X-Bitmap Format
X Pixmap Format