How To Open XML files


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It is easy to open a XML file with Free File Opener. Just follow these steps:

  • STEP 1
    Download Free File Opener
  • STEP 2
    Click the Open button
  • STEP 3
    Select your file and click OK

That's it, you have opened your XML file with Free File Opener!

What is a xml file?

XML, or Extensible Markup Language, builds upon and works in conjunction with HTML, Hypertext Markup Language. Both markup languages are extremely important to the building of websites; a fundamental difference lies in purpose. HTML tags focus on how data should be displayed within a browser. XML contains more information on what the data is, for example, with regard to structure. HTML tags are defined; XML tags are not. Programmers define their own descriptive XML tags for the transport of information. XML is a metalanguage; XML has a standard format, but multiple XML languages exist, among them, XHTML and RSS.  Examples of other program files are J and FOR.

Open xml files with Free File Opener

If you have received a file with a xml file extension and need to open or view the file, Free File Opener can help. With Free File Opener, you have a free file viewer that allows you to open all document files quickly and easily. You can also open and view over 200 other types of files including spreadsheets, pictures, movies and music files. The best part about Free File Opener is that it is a Free download!